What is Crambuster?

Crambuster is a new way to study.

Getting started is simple: Join the site, find or create a page for one or more of your classes, and start collaborating with everyone in that class. It's kind of like Facebook for school, without the hassle of privacy settings and friend lists.

Please note: Crambuster is currently in open beta and a work in progress. Nothing is finalized, and some features will be missing. For a list of features that will be added as time goes by, click here.

Is it free?

Crambuster is 100% free!

How do I get started?

As explained above, getting started is simple. Click here to create an account. From there, you can log in and either create a class using the button on the navigation bar or search for an existing class using the search bar.

How do classes work?

Classes are like groups on Facebook. You can post in them and write comments on existing posts. All members of the class are notified by email whenever someone posts in that class, which can be configured in settings.

What's the difference between
this site and Facebook?

While Facebook has a larger user base, using Facebook is a hassle. This site is easy to use, powerful, and has much of the core functionality of Facebook. Not only is it very easy to create an account, but your personal details will never be shared as a result of constantly changing and obscure privacy settings. Additionally, you won't have to keep up with friend lists and status updates on Crambuster.

Help! I'm having an issue!

File a bug report by clicking here.